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Hospital interpreter policies needed?

Posted 1/19/2017

hospital policies and interpretersHere is an interesting article that  raises the question of hospital interpeters and hospital policies in this regard.  

Hospitals often ignore policies on using qualified medical interpreters. How does this apply to Africa?

A Spanish-speaking male patient entered the emergency department at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Md., in December 2012 suffering from vomiting, abdominal pain and shortness of breath. Over two days in the hospital, he had blood drawn, underwent an abdominal CT scan, received IV fluids and had a urinary catheter inserted. But it's possible that he never fully understood that fluid was building up in his abdomen and lungs and that his condition could be fatal.  ( more at http://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20140830/MAGAZINE/308309945