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Cell: 0836401236
Email: sarah.aich@gmail.com

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Helping you bridge the gap of language and culture

between countries and people!

interpreting service

AICH, Sarah Marilyn - Freelance Industry-Experience, Qualified and Accredited Conference Interpreter and Sworn Translator French <  > English.

Simultaneous interpreting for your conference, international congress, symposium, event or business meeting.

I also provide consecutive or whispering mode interpreting.

Professional, Qualified and SATI Accredited Conference Interpreter.

Look no further for Quality and Cost Effective Interpreting Services just call Sarah Cell: 0836401236, SMS or send an email to sarah.aich@gmail.com. I can also advise on related services such as the best quality/price interpreting equipment companies or other languages.

Choose a Qualified, experienced  and an Accredited Interpreter to ensure quality, accurate rendition and professional

interpreting that will contribute to the success of your conference / event.

Email or SMS for a quotation, for any further information or to check for my availability.

Cell. 083 640 1236. Email: sarah.aich@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: A bilingual person is not an interpreter or a translator, just as having 10 fingers is not qualifying a person as a pianist. Be aware of fraudulent agencies and impostors.

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