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Cell: 0836401236
Email: sarah.aich@gmail.com

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Marilyn Sarah AICH was born in Paris (France), grew up and worked in France, in Africa, in the Middle East and in the Netherlands.

She emigrated from Ivory Coast to South Africa in 2002, where she spent a number of years working as

Vice-Consul at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Abidjan.

She graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with a BA (HONS) in Translation and Interpreting. She is an Accredited Professional Conference Interpreter, accredited by the South African Translators &

Interpreters Institute (SATI).

She is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about her work as a Conference Interpreter and her role in

enabling communication to flow between people of diverse horizons and cultures. Languages:

A – French

B- English

C- Hebrew

D – Dutch

She is based in Johannesburg, in Sandton and wen availabel, she doesn’t mind to travel on short notice anywhere in South Africa or overseas.

Please don't hesitate to check for her availability for any of  your conferences. Updated CV will be sent upon request.

It will be a pleasure to contribute to the success of the event/conference organised by your company.

Email or SMS to request a quotation, for any further information or to check for her availability.

Cell. 083 640 1236.

Email: sarah.aich@gmail.com

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