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globalization and  translation

Globalization and  Translation

  The world is continuously blending, which has a direct impact on language as a whole – words from different languages have become every day words as part of “slang”, or just basic conversation.  As globalisation increases, so too does the need for every business and organization to increase cultural understanding, and therefore the ability to communicate effectively regardless of language “barriers”.  Translators can now be seen as cultural ambassadors as opposed to the past where translation was important yet not imperative;   with the correct understanding, translators now have the obligation and expertise to “translate” cultural aspects that were not clearly translatable in the past. 

Since Globalization has become more and more prevalent, it has become crucial for businesses to make use of effective translators; by not only get the “message” across, but in order to put out the correct message. 

The concept of globalization on its own is rather broad and the definitions vary depending on the context.  Globalization refers to the movement of local to global, with the reduction in barriers (time, distance, space), information is not more easily accessible than ever before; the last remaining barrier in an ever growing global world, is language - obvious and necessary, yet easy to remedy with the correct translation services.  Translation has become more about understanding and less about knowing which words mean what in another language; much akin to Public Relations.  Therefore in order for a business or organization to thrive, one needs to make use of translation services with experience –as true translation can only be learnt over time. 

An experienced translation service focuses on subject-matter specialization –as accuracy is extremely important.  A mistranslated report or document could result in financial losses or conflict, which means that an organization cannot rely solely on the basic skills (Knowledge in two or more languages, excellent writing skills, research and communication skills), but should rather build on to those “Basic” skills in order to have a better understanding due to an ever growing global world.  Accurate translation services have become vital for any and all businesses, a simple mistranslation could result in a major marketing error.  World renowned chicken provider, KFC opened its doors in Beijing in the late 1980s, and due to a translation error, translated their popular slogan “Finger-lickin’ good”, to a less appetizing “Eat your fingers off”.  This blunder did not affect KFC too negatively, yet it could have

and to this day is a popular marketing topic.  - See more at: